You just need to fill in a form with your Username (in other words, the nickname you want to be associated to and recognized by on Kebi's Website), e-mail, phone number and password!

With “Star” we mean every actor, singer, band, influencer and more in general, Star, that you want to meet!

You just have to go on the Project of the Talent you want to meet and click “Support Kebi”!

There are different ways to collect Vibes:

1) Make sure your profile is 100% complete!

2) Share Kebi and its Projects with all your friends and make sure they subscribe and share as well!

3) Complete all the steps of the Projects you are supporting and come to the event!

When the Project will end, if it will be successful, you will have access to an exclusive priority sale for the event’s tickets.

If someone gives up on their chance to buy their ticket or the organization decides to sell more tickets, you can then buy yours and come to the event.

Every Project can last from 7 days to up to 1 month.

You will have six working days to buy your ticket.

A Project is made of six stages:

  1. KEBI CREATED, when a Project is created and approved;
  2. # VIBES REACHED, when a Project reaches the Vibes it needs to be successful;
  3. AVAILABILITY CONFIRMED, when the Talent confirms to attend the event;
  4. LOCATION, when the Location is confirmed and released;
  5. DATE, when the date is confirmed and released;
  6. BUY YOUR TICKET! You can finally buy the event ticket and make your dreams come true!

Yes, of course! As long as you keep collecting Vibes, you can support all the Projects you want.

When all the six stages of the Project are completed, the organization of the event will start!

Unfortunately the event won’t be organized and all the Vibes used to support the Project will be returned to their owners

If you bought a ticket and you want a refund, you need to contact the Promoter, making sure that their Terms and Conditions Policy allows it.
Vibes are ONLY returned if a Project is not successful and the event will not take place you live.

Unfortunately no.

The event will not be organized and the ones who bought their ticket will have a refund.

Contact us here and we will consider to insert your city in our list!

Fan Points are basically points that increase as your Vibes do but, unlike Vibes, you can't "spend" them, so they will never decrease. You will need them to climb the ranks of the best users and get Benefits that are out of this world!


Our levels are called "Crews" and they are the following, from lowest to highest:

Kebi User
Kebi Newbies Crew
Kebi Cabin Crew
Kebi Knights Crew
Kebi Royals Crew
Kebi Ambassadors Crew

Here you go! These are the Fan Points you need to be part of our Crews!

From 0 to 499 Fan Points -> Kebi User
From 500 to 1499 Fan Points -> Kebi Newbies Crew
From 1500 to 3499 Fan Points -> Kebi Cabin Crew
From 3500 to 6499 Fan Points -> Kebi Knights Crew
From 6500 to 8999 Fan Points -> Kebi Royals Crew
From 9000 to 12.500 Fan Points -> Kebi Ambassadors Crew

Share, share, and share! Invite all your friends, talk about Kebi with everyone you know and help little Kebi come to life and grow!

It may be a mistake, contact us here and we will do our best to help you!

You can buy your ticket for the event directly on our website; once the Kebi Project that you supported will reach the necessary Vibes and will pass all the other steps, sales will open.  Entering on the Project from your account you will see activated the button for the purchase.  Different types of cards are accepted, including: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club; JBC and other.

To make sure that all our users are real and that people will not create multiple profiles.

If you didn’t find the Talent in the Active Projects, contact us here and tell us!

Do you have further questions? CONTACT US and we will do our best to help you!
If the solution to your problem is explained in the F.A.Q. you may not receive an answer.